General conditions of maternity Buro Zorgsaam

1) General

The general conditions must be seen as an agreement between the client and Maternity Buro ZorgSaam.

2) Registration, intake and maternity file.

The registration of the client is not final until we have received a signed registration-form. Along with the registration form you have received the general conditions. After signing, the client accepts to accept these terms. The intake at home will take place around the 7th month of pregnancy. At the home visit, the expectant mother must be able to legitimize herself. At the start of the maternity care the legitimization will be asked once again.
During the home visit, you will receive the maternity file.

3) Maternity hours.

Maternity Buro ZorgSaam provides the number of hours of maternity care which is indicated by the National Indication Protocol. There are three indication moments, namely: at intake, when the maternity care starts and during the postpartum period.
Reassessment is always done with the approval of the midwife.

4) Cancellation.

Cancellation on medical grounds is free of charge, cancelling for other reasons can only be done in writing. You will receive a bill for the costs incurred.

5) Working conditions

The childbed must have a working height (measured from the floor to the top of the mattress) between 70 and 90 cm. When the childbed is not at the correct height maternity care can be denied. The work environment of the nurse must be safe.
When undesirable behaviour occurs (violence, coercion, discrimination, alcohol and drug usage or sexual harassment), the maternity care will be discontinued immediately.
The devices where the nurse works with all have to be safe.

6) Transport

If there is only paid parking in the neighbourhood off the residence of the client or there can only be parked in a parking garage, costs have to be by the client. Check with your town hall whether you are eligible for a visitors pass. The employee may not make use of the car of a client or of the family members of the client. The employee is not allowed to use their own car for transport for the client or household of the client.

7) Liability

The client must report material damage in writing within 72 hours. The damage is reimbursed if there is fault or gross negligence of the nurse. The excess is € 75.00 per incident for the client. Damage caused by unsafe or not good working equipment is not reimbursed. The staff is not permitted to be authorized for financial transactions, for example using a credit card, smart card and / or bank ATM card of the client. On issue of the house key, an agreement has to be signed. Maternity Buro ZorgSaam is not be liable for loss or theft of the house key.

8) Complaints

Complaints dealing with the organization and / or maternity matters are, preferably, to be discussed with the nurse, or the management. There is also the possibility to take contact with the counsellor, through: [email protected] If a complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved or if you wish to make use of the possibility, the complaint can be submitted to the counsellor of Maternity Buro ZorgSaam. The complaints procedure is available, on request, from the counsellor.

9) Confidentiallity

Information which we receive from the client, are treated confidentially, in accordance with  the privacy rules and the Law on Protection Personal information (In Dutch: Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens ( Wbp). On the 23rd of May 2018 this law will be expired and the Genaral Regulations Data Protection (In Dutch:  Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG). After you have signed the registration form, you agree that we need your information untill     the care has completed with your insurance-company. The employees of Kraamzorg ZorgSaam have a professional secrecy on the basis of professional code and the labor contract. You can ask for the privacy rules at Kraamburo ZorgSaam

10) Termination

In case of illness, vacation or other circumstances of the nurse, replacement is guaranteed. Maternity Buro ZorgSaam is entitled to end the provision of care, to postpone or adjust it when:

  • The client (or roommates / guests) is / are presenting unacceptable behaviour (discrimination, sexual harassment, excessive alcohol-/drugsgebruik, threats and violence, guilty of not preventing threatening situations with dangerous pets.
  • There is an unacceptable hygienic situation.
  • The client is in default with the payment of amounts due to Maternity Buro ZorgSaam.
  • The workplace does not meet the prescribed ARBO requirements, as stated in article 5, and discussed during the intake.

Yes, I am aware of the privacy law, de Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG) and I give permission to Kraamburo ZorgSaam to use my information for the requested application for maternity care

Claudia de Kruijf, April 2018